Day 6

DAY 6 
Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Day 5 This day’s purpose was to find the right ideas out of thousands. The group decided to build six 
floors and a rooftop garden for the model. First, they had to sketch the ideas for the floors and the 
rooftop in little groups. After the second Yoga Session, the group left HTW for the last field trip. 
Degewo AG invited us to present our ideas in the rooms of their executive floor.

First, we listened to an overview of their current projects: ,,ToM – Tolerantes Miteinander, Zukunfts- 
haus, Stadrendite” Then we had the chance to present our sketches and ideas. We received valu- 
able feedback from their engineers and board members.

We would like to thank the engineers and board members of degewo AG for their valuable feed- 
back and for their warm hospitality and kindness. One of the participants who came as a refugee by 
boat to Europe presented his ideas for the intercultural house at degewo. Afterwards he told us:

“This was the first time after nine month that I feel lively again.”  

Many thanks again to our hosts
for this experience he could made at degewo AG.

Day 7