Day 5

DAY 5 
Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Day 4 The challenge of the day was to find the “Point of View II”. What are the basics for our model of 
the house? It was the right time to cluster all the observations in order to decide what is most im- 
portant for the design of the house. After finding the main points, Magda Torres from Simply Yoga 
( the group to a Yoga session with herself as the teacher.

In the afternoon, the group started to build “personas” who will live in the house. In roleplays, 
they resembled a single mother/father with a disabled child, a young couple with migration experi- 
ences, international students who want to live in a WG and locals. The group asked them about 
their needs and formed the answers into demands for the design of the house. Next, they collect- 
ed as many ideas as possible for the cross-cultural house.