To get an insight view in the magic of Design Thinking and the brilliant work
of my students at HTW Berlin, University of Applied Science have a look at our former projects.

Get inspired by the story of the last project the Refugee Summer School which took place in
September 2016 at HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences under the patronage of
Prof. Dr. Birgit Müller, Vice-President for study and teaching issues at HTW Berlin as part
of the HTW-Integra program.

09th-15th SEPTEMBER 2016

In Summer Semester 2016 we started our Design Thinking course with the challenge:
“How can we prototype an intercultural home for refugees and locals in Berlin?“
During our interviews with migrants in the refugee homes, the inhabitants told us that this might
not be the right question. We should start with a “Cross Cultural Festival” in order to get to know
the culture of each other.

Asking the wrong question happens very often in business life when you want to develop a new
product, service or strategy. Therefore, we have one rule in Design Thinking “Fail quickly and
early”. We followed this rule and made a change.

The result was a deep cultural exchange between students and migrants during our Cross Cultural
Festival and a lot of fun. After the festival, we had the idea to organize a “Refugee Summer
School” because many of the people wanted to continue their experiences with design thinking.
Thanks to the support of HTW Berlin, AStA HTW Berlin, SOZDIA-STIFTUNG–BERLIN, degewo AG,
Refugio Sharehaus, id22, Institut für Kreative Nachhaltigkeit, ALNATURA,
MOVING MAN Infotainment, Magda Torres from Simply Yoga we could realize
the first “Refugee Summer School” at HTW Berlin.


In the seven days of the Summer School we followed the six steps of the Design Thinking Process.
Sometimes you have to go back in the process to understand things better. The process is not
milestone based but iterative.


In the past we handled a lot of interesting projects
with many partners from different areas.

refugees and migrants