Day 1


Friday, 9 September 2016


Back For successful project execution, it is essential to create an atmosphere of trust and 
goodwill. This is the basis of the innovation method Design Thinking and Human Values. 
The challenge of the first day: Become a smart team.
This happens by playing, sketching, painting, cross cultural cooking and building first rough 
prototypes for innovative customer focused products for the daily live. Playing together 
means acting as a child full of creativity without fear to fail. During the prototyping session, 
every idea is appreciated, criticism is forbidden. This atmosphere allows everyone to 
encourage wild ideas and to think out of the box
. You need this atmosphere for a successful 
Design Thinking Process. Otherwise it would not work. Leader of the team is not a single 
person; it is the team itself and the goal to find the most innovative product. You cannot do 
it alone. You need the ideas of all to win the game.
Day 2