Day 4

DAY 4 
Monday, 12 September 2016

Day 3 We started at Restaurant Kuhgraben in Berlin Lichtenberg. The restaurant belongs to the SozDia 
Stiftung Berlin we visited on that same day. They advance the idea to build a house for refugees 
and locals in Lichtenberg at the ground of Kita Buntstift. The building ground belongs to SozDia 
Stiftung. People from SozDia informed us about their ideas for the house. 
We had the opportunity to ask questions.

After lunch, we met the head of the Kita as well as the children for interviews and a guided tour. 
We collected all our observations and results of the interviews to form an idea of the wishes from 
the stakeholders of this project. At the end, we tried to catch the “spirit of Lichtenberg” 
by walking around.

Day 5